The caring people at Premier Pilates are helping me reach my fitness goals. I've struggled with scoliosis my whole adult life and recently it had begun limiting my ability to live the active lifestyle I love. I've tried Pilates DVD's at home, but nothing compares to having the one on one personal attention of a qualified instructor. They can see exactly what you are doing and help to correct a movement by just a small amount so as to get the full benefit. Plus they always are so kind in helping me tweak movements to accommodate my health condition not to mention the positive motivation and support they give. It really makes me feel cared about! I started out very weak, and even though I haven't been taking classes very long, I can feel a major improvement in my ability to do the movements correctly and complete the repetitions. I'm far from perfect but I am still amazed at how much I've improved in such a few amounts of classes.  The pain I had begun to experience from scoliosis has diminished dramatically! That is SO worth the time and effort involved. Pilates is an amazing way to transform the body and Premier Pilates is helping me regain the ability to live a fun filled active life with less pain.

-Teresa Johnson


I am a practicing dental hygienist for 32 years.  Before Pilates, I never went to bed without my heating pad on my upper back, suffered numbness in the fingers of my working hand, and lived on Advil. My core was mush; I didn't even know there was a transverse muscle there.   My daughter Chrissy bought me a gift certificate for my birthday in 2010, and I have been hooked ever since.

Since coming to Pilates twice a week, I no longer need the heating pad, the Advil, or suffer the numbness.  I am strong enough to heft 50 lb bags of dog food, floor leveler, mortar, fertilizer, or whatever my do it yourself husband needs moved!  It still amazes me those 2 hours a week can make such a difference in function.  I love being a strong girl!

I have stuck with Pilates, which is something I cannot say about any other exercise endeavor I have pursued.  If I am away for a while due to a vacation, I can feel the weakness in my back returning.  I am so grateful to Tonya (I am a Monday and Friday attendee) and the other instructors who have helped me address my particular concerns. If I could come every day, I would.  I hope Premier Pilates will be around as long as I am able to participate.  Thanks for everything.

- Julie Tourkakis


Being an avid golfer and reaching into my 50's, I found my body was not allowing me to continue at the pace I needed to compete. Constant back pain limited my playing each week and my practice time. I chose Pilates to strengthen my core and lengthen muscle thereby increasing flexibility. My back pain has mostly disappeared, and I can now head to the course without pain and play as much as I want. Any pain that does flare up, I can now manage by stretching. So when my fellow golfers complain about their backache, I tell them to try Pilates. Thanks Lacy!

-Tom Hennrich