"Pilates People" Active Wear

Available now are new Pilates People Thermal hoodies, Thermal long sleeve shirts, 3/4 length shirts and more! 

Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs)

For those of you who have weak wrist or experience discomfort during weight bearing exercises these gloves are for you!

Wrist assured gloves are designed to support your hands, relieve wrist pain, and provide weight bearing comfort during Pilates and Yoga exercises.

Exer-Socks available in a variety of colors!

ExerSocks provide the anti-bacterial protection of a sock while providing the non-slip protection of a sneaker!  They are designed with a cushioned reinforced sole and Crescent Moon's innovative StretchBand™ for comfort and a snug fit.

Fit Balls and Foam Rollers


The FitBALL Mini Exercise Ball brings a whole new dimension to core and muscle training. This 9in ball adds a level of instability to your Pilates practice.

Foam rollers enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education, flexibility, myofascial release and dynamic strength.

For all pricing and availablity call the studio at 314-849-4920